Welcome to Monteith Physiotherapy Inc.

Assisting Riverview residents to feel their best for 8 years.

At Monteith Physiotherapy you can expect:
  • Direct Billing: covered by most major insurance companies with minimal out of pocket fees.
  • Custom Recovery Plan: We work hard to get you back to your pain free life

  • Experienced Staff: Collectively our staff has over 25 years experience to help reach your goals.

  • Prevention Planning: Custom exercise program you can do on your own to help prevent pain from developing again.

  • Accommodating Schedule: we work around your schedule with morning, afternoon, and evening appointments.

  • Appointments: Access to an appointment within 48 hours 

  • Outcomes: Our hands-on approach has given us a 98% success rate 

              Conveniently located at 630 Pinewood Road, Monteith Physiotherapy Inc. offers 7 completely confidential rooms, and an exercise centre. We believe that your privacy matters so our rooms are floor to ceiling walls, no curtains here so you can feel completely comfortable talking about your pain.

              We work completely with our hands, no machines or gadgets to leave you on for long periods of time. We guarantee at least 20 minutes of hands-on treatment for each session you book. We take your pain very seriously and are determined to give you the best treatment possible so we can have you up and back to your pain-free life.